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Toxic mold home repair or replace

sandy6 started this conversation

We are an older couple who have tried to get help, our insurance will not cover it, we have tried just about everything, all of our local resources, and just can't seem to get any help, Even tried ,the Governor of Washington, It's a very long story but will try and make it short.

We had always taken care of our home when we were working,but my husband had a stroke,and was no longer able to work, so had to hire people to do repairs on our roof and they left us in a big mess, they went out of business, and ever since we have been trying to get a grant or charitiy or anything that can help us. it is five years now,and we are still looking for help,we are both on a fixed income,have a mortgage,not able to move, our ceiling is leaking again, and winter will soon be here.The toxic mold is in our ceiling of our double wide mobile home. it's a 1972 ,which it seems no one wants to touch it, I have one Son who just graduated college Sept 15,2007 as a massage therpist,who is hoping to help us ,but his college has left him in debt for 8,000 dollars which he has to pay,starting very soon,and the toxic mold affect's his Asthma. so all of these things are just adding to all of our debt, $800.00 for Dental, My husband needs surgery on his eyes $824.00 which we don't have,that's after medicare pay'sĀ and he also needs surgery on his knees,We aren't sure what our part will cost. so all of these things ,have come up and we just can't afford all of these things .

if someone has an idea what we can do or who we can contact please let us know. Thank you and May God Bless You. Sandy6

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